img_procedures01Patients who are informed that they need surgery may become overwhelmed in the doctor’s office by the amount of information given about the procedure.  As a patient, you may understand the procedure as described by the doctor, but have difficulty properly relaying that information to your family members.

Additionally, neurosurgical procedures can seem scary to patients and to their loved ones.  At Port City Neurosurgery & Spine, we believe that providing the patient and his or her family with easy-to-understand information will help relieve any anxiety they may be experiencing. We want you to understand exactly what will be done, the risks involved, pre- and post-operative care, and average recovery time.

img_procedures02Below is a non-comprehensive list of procedures commonly performed by Dr. Alsina.  We have described the procedures in a brief and non-technical language to facilitate your understanding, including informative patient education videos where possible.  We also have pamphlets in our office that can assist you and, as always, we welcome your phone calls should you have questions directly for the doctor, PA, or medical assistant.

Anatomy of the Spine

Anatomy of the Brain